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ON-Q C-bloc

Post-Surgical Pain Relief without Narcotics using ON-Q C-bloc

ON-Q Pump ON-Q is a patient-friendly elastomeric reservoir that holds several days of local anesthetic. The medication continuously bathes the nerve so that your surgical area doesn’t hurt.
Pain is a concern for most patients following surgery. However, post-surgical pain control has traditionally relied on pill or IV narcotics, which can come with a host of side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, confusion and grogginess (drowsiness). Some patients claim that the side-effects are worse than coping with the pain itself. Since then, I have adopted what I believe is a better approach to post-surgical pain management for many orthopedic surgeries – such as total knee and shoulder replacements, ligament and bone reconstruction, and limb fractures in a pain pump called ON-Q C-bloc.

ON-Q DialThe flow rate can be adjusted to meet your specific pain relief requirements and dialed down for when you go into physical therapy which requires motor function.
The disposable pump continuously infuses a local anesthetic through small catheters to the nerves where the pain is coming from. With ultrasound guidance or using a nerve stimulator, we are able to locate the nerves placing the catheters very closely to them significantly reducing pain.

The pump can be worn in a small carrying pouch, and can be taken home with them for days of pain relief following their surgery. The flow of the pump can be increased or decreased, dependent upon each patient’s specific requirements.

ON-Q C-bloc Pain Management in the Media
Patients get back to normal faster and can carry ON-Q C-bloc in a convenient fanny pack that makes it portable and easy to get around.
I’ve found since using it, our patients are virtually pain-free, mobilize and start physical therapy early and take significantly less narcotics for pain and leave the hospital sooner than before. This new pain control system has a myriad of significant benefits and has redefined recovery for my patients.
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