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Hip Replacement

Information About Hip Replacement Surgery for Patients and Their Families

If your doctor suggests hip surgery as a treatment for your injury or arthritis of the hip, you may feel a little scared and unsure about what’s likely to happen to you. Relax. Getting the right information and knowing the options can help you approach your impending treatment in a calm, unstressed state of mind.

This section of our website provides key facts about hip replacement surgery and related issues for patients and their families.


The hip joint functions as one of the most important joints in the human body. Designed for both mobility and stability, the hip allows the entire lower extremity to move in three planes of motion, while providing an important shock absorption function to the torso and upper body. Read More

Treatment Options

To help you decrease hip pain and inflammation and increase your ability to enjoy everyday activities, you and your physician may develop a treatment pathway which can entail lifestyle modifications, exercise and physical therapy, medications, nutritional supplements and surgical options. Read More
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